10 years helping clients achieve goals, streamline distribution channels, motivate teams and retain customers.


One solution is much more than a system. It is the combination of objectives and strategies, customized systems and customized services. All our solutions have the following hallmarks:


Parameterization and development of basic systems, with all the necessary features.


Fully cloud systems high availability, mobility and accessibility.


Turnkey solutions. Ideal combination of functionality of systems with associated services needed.


Of systems management tools for interaction and collaboration with the client.


Interconnection and integration with external client systems.


Systems for all key associated services.

The systems neomotive® in the basis of our solutions.

DMS - Dealer Management Systems


Dealer Management Systems

Scanning Systems and Integration of Distribution Channels Processes.

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DMS - Dealer Management Systems


Incentive Management Systems

Integrated systems management incentives and motivation programs.

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DMS - Dealer Management Systems


Loyalty Management Systems

Loyalty systems and retention of end customers through its value chain.

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DMS - Dealer Management Systems


Content Management Systems

Communication, Information and Content always online and updated.

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Support Services

All essential services to the success of our solutions:

Strategy and consultancy

Advice and support in the various moments of the life of your program, ensure the success of their actions and satisfaction of its targets.

Technological services

Technological resources and capacities for developing the basic platforms and implement new features when necessary.

Operational management

We manage all operational dimensions of their programs: users, objectives, production, campaigns, communications and more.

Purchasing and Logistics

Management of all the awards process: purchase, storage, handling and logistics premiums, benefits and rewards.

Communication and design

Creative services and communication "wing to wing". Allow your program is always present.

Analysis and reports

Tools and services that allow you to analyze and monitor the results of various actions and display the general activity of the program.


Our customers speak for us.


Pre Service Mercedes-Benz

Pre Service is the new online platform Mercedes-Benz, supported in neoLMS of AVIVAR System, which allows you to make appointments easily and conveniently. Given the online era, the Pre Service is responding to our customers' needs, giving greater clarity and virtue of calm manner all the services and prices within the network of authorized workshops Mercedes-Benz

You can access the Pre Service Mercedes-Benz in http://www.mercedespreservice.com

EDP Ligações

The EDP Ligações is the dynamic system of all commercial channels of EDP. In this system, users can analyze their performance on several indicators, view incentives and campaigns available for your profile, redeem points on large gift catalog, access to tools and training content, among other actions relevant to the channel distribution.This application works on various mobile or fixed devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones, and available on iOS and Android application, in addition to Webapp.

Pharma Connect - Novartis

With Pharma Connect, all pharmacies, now has a direct link to Novartis where they can place orders, manage their historical and view the status of their applications. It also has access to several commercial campaigns where you can choose the type of discount receivable. You can also receive discounts on value or accumulate points to redeem for goods and services in the catalog. In addition to orders and campaigns also have access to various contents on various pathologies that can download and deliver to its users, so that they are better informed. This application works on various mobile or fixed devices such as computers, tablets or smartphones, so Pharma Connect its always on service.

Value Proposals

Solutions to Measure

Our main task is through interaction and collaboration with customers, adding value by offering innovative and effective solutions to achieve its objectives and targets. We do not present standard solutions, we, on the contrary, with a comprehensive set of scalable and configurable based systems as well as all the services necessary for your company's program a success.

Features and Capabilities

The AVIVAR have in our team with senior managers and technicians, professional and experienced, committed to high quality solutions focused on results. With our talented team, we create products and services tailored to their needs, diverse and innovative.

Leadership and Driving

We apply a strategic approach to all our projects with the goal of maximizing effectiveness. We work in a structured and targeted manner in order to ensure that ideas are transformed into decisions and desições turn into well implemetadas action on the ground.

Collaboration and Partnership

We favor working in partnership and collaboration with the client at all stages of the project. Cosideramos that interaction of the teams, lead to more creative solutions, work together in a challenging environment with focused teams, considering the trust and transparency as a basis for the establishment of sustainable and lasting relationships.

Effectiveness and Results

We believe that our aligned field experience with the guidance for customized solutions and the interaction with customers is a winning recipe. We accept the challenges always focused on customer success, and the success of our customers is our success.

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